Mahmudul Hasan

Work place: Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka



Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Computer Architecture and Organization, Data Structures and Algorithms


Mahmudul Hasan is a final year undergraduate student of mathematics at the University of Dhaka. He has also taken online courses on Data Science from several online platforms. Professionally he has worked as a software engineer and web developer for numerous private institutions. He is also an educator who instructs students on programming and mathematics.

Author Articles
An Improved Security Schematic based on Coordinate Transformation

By Awnon Bhowmik Mahmudul Hasan

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2023

An earlier research project that dealt with converting ASCII codes into 2D Cartesian coordinates and then applying translation and rotation transformations to construct an encryption system, is improved by this study. Here, we present a variation of the Cantor Pairing Function to convert ASCII values into distinctive 2D Coordinates. Then, we apply some novel methods to jumble the ciphertext generated as a result of the transformations. We suggest numerous improvements to the earlier research via simple tweaks in the existing code and by introducing a novel key generation protocol that generates an infinite integral key space with no decryption failures. The only way to break this protocol with no prior information would be brute force attack. With the help of elementary combinatorics and probability topics, we prove that this encryption protocol is seemingly infeasible to overcome by an unwelcome adversary.

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