Pricing and subscriptions

Open Access provides anyone in the world with free and instant online access to scholarly literature for reading, distribution, and reuse. As an open access publisher, MECS journals do not charge an article processing fee. We would like authors, institutions, or funders to subscribe to our journals. Subscription fees are MECS' sole revenue stream. All costs associated with our high-quality publishing services are offset through subscription fees.

Underfunded authors and institutions are eligible for discounted subscription fees, which are not tied to acceptance but speed up the publication process.

Our subscription rates are extremely competitive and allow us to provide an industry-leading service to our authors, editors, and readers. This advantage is achieved through our continuous investment in cutting-edge technology.

Subscription fees pay for our people who run our editorial projects, build our technology, and provide premium services on a custom open science platform. Subscription fees also allow us to continually reinvest in growing our journal portfolio.

Our business model enables us to publish high-quality, high-impact scholarly journals.

How subscription fees help us

General administration

Subscription also covers general operations, including human resources and accounting, as well as costs of administrative functions and office rental.

Journal operations

Our journal teams manage every aspect of journal operations and growth, from editorial board management, to commissioning high-quality content, handling article collections, and supporting our editors.


We support our authors, reviewers, and editors by disseminating and promoting their research through news media, social media, newsletters, article alerts, our news site, conferences, and by organizing and sponsoring events.


Production costs include typesetting and copy-editing, assignment of persistent identifiers, journal indexing, archiving in all relevant academic and national databases, and permanent storage.

Review operations

We have clearly defined quality standards for research and peer review.

Our research integrity team checks and sorts of research articles for quality, ethics, and research integrity. Quality checks are monitored and improved continuously.

Our review operations team ensures that quality standards are adhered to during peer review, that the appropriate experts are assigned to the manuscripts, and that editors are supported at every step of the process. They also provide rigorous feedback to the authors so that each stage of the review process advances in an effective and timely manner.


We have an unwavering commitment to technology and innovation in order to perpetually raise the bar for our services and quality standards, simplify and improve our processes, and make the work of our authors, reviewers, and editors easier. The subscription income is reinvested to enable the deployment of new platform tools and services.

Inclusive expansion

New publication initiatives throughout the academic spectrum are supported by growth investments.


Chief editors are awarded honoraria for their work and strictly independent from acceptance decisions.

Collaboration and advocacy

We work with like-minded organizations through policy engagement and collaborations to pursue our common vision of open science for all of society.


Journal Title

ISSN (Print)


2023 Rate

International Journal of Modern Education and Computer   Science (IJMECS)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Intelligent Systems and   Applications (IJISA)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Computer Network and   Information Security (IJCNIS)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Information Technology and   Computer Science (IJITCS)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal   Processing (IJIGSP)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Information Engineering and   Electronic Business (IJIEEB)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Wireless and Microwave   Technologies (IJWMT)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Education and Management   Engineering (IJEME)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Engineering and   Manufacturing (IJEM)


6 issues/year


International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and   Computing (IJMSC)


4 issues/year



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