Sahil Kumar

Work place: Department of Computer Science, Punjabi University, Patiala, 147002, India



Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Applied computer science, Computer Science & Information Technology


Sahil Kumar currently working as Full Stack Developer in ZS Associates Pvt. Ltd. He holds B.Tech degree in Computer Science. He is well organized, reliable and enthusiastic computer science engineer with experience in .Net, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Nhibernate, Jquery and AngularJS.

Author Articles
Sorting using a combination of Bubble Sort, Selection Sort & Counting Sort

By Sahil Kumar Prerna Singla

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2019

One of the most important problems in computer science is the ordering of the data. Although sorting is a very old computer science problem, it still attracts a great deal of research. Usually, when we face a problem, we’re concerned with finding the solution, then getting it out of our heads and into a text editor, white-board, or down on a piece of paper. Eventually, we start transforming that idea into code, and the code is pretty terrible the first time around. But at some point, once we’ve made it work and made it right, we find ourselves asking: Can I make it fast? Can I make it better? This paper presents an enhanced sorting algorithm which comprises of a combination of Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, and Counting Sort. The new algorithm is analyzed, implemented, tested, compared and the results were promising.

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