Roman Odarchenko

Work place: Yessenov University, Aktau, Kazahstan



Research Interests: Software Security, Network Security, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Telecommunication


Roman Odarchenko

DSc, Associate Professor. He received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in telecom-munications from the NAU the Ph.D. and DSc. degrees in telecom-munications systems and networks from the NAU, Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2013 and 2019 respectively.

From 2010 to 2017, he was an associated professor in NAU. Since 2017, he has been a vice-dean of Faculty of air navigation, electronics and telecommunications in NAU. He is the author of more than 70 articles, and more than 50 inventions. His research interests include telecommunication systems and networks, mobile networks, wireless systems, software-defined networking, network security systems etc.

Author Articles
Statistical Techniques for Detecting Cyberattacks on Computer Networks Based on an Analysis of Abnormal Traffic Behavior

By Zhengbing Hu Roman Odarchenko Sergiy Gnatyuk Maksym Zaliskyi Anastasia Chaplits Sergiy Bondar Vadim Borovik

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2020

Represented paper is currently topical, because of year on year increasing quantity and diversity of attacks on computer networks that causes significant losses for companies. This work provides abilities of such problems solving as: existing methods of location of anomalies and current hazards at networks, statistical methods consideration, as effective methods of anomaly detection and experimental discovery of choosed method effectiveness. The method of network traffic capture and analysis during the network segment passive monitoring is considered in this work. Also, the processing way of numerous network traffic indexes for further network information safety level evaluation is proposed. Represented methods and concepts usage allows increasing of network segment reliability at the expense of operative network anomalies capturing, that could testify about possible hazards and such information is very useful for the network administrator. To get a proof of the method effectiveness, several network attacks, whose data is storing in specialised DARPA dataset, were chosen. Relevant parameters for every attack type were calculated. In such a way, start and termination time of the attack could be obtained by this method with insignificant error for some methods.

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Method for Cyberincidents Network-Centric Monitoring in Critical Information Infrastructure

By Zhengbing Hu Viktor Gnatyuk Viktoriia Sydorenko Roman Odarchenko Sergiy Gnatyuk

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2017

In this paper the method of network-centric monitoring of cyberincidents was developed, which is based on network-centric concept and implements in 8 stages. This method allows to determine the most important objects for protection, and predict the category of cyberincidents, which will arise as a result of cyberattack, and their level of criticality.

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