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IJCNIS Vol.6, No.12, Nov. 2014

3-Level DWT Image Watermarking Against Frequency and Geometrical Attacks

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Asma Ahmad, G.R.Sinha, Nikita Kashyap

Index Terms

Image watermarking;3-level DWT;wavelet transform;attacks;mean square error (MSE);peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR)


This paper introduces a robust image watermarking technique for the copyright protection. The proposed method is based on 3-level discrete wavelet transform (DWT). Encoded secret image using spiral scanning is hidden by alpha blending technique in LL sub bands. During embedding process, secret image is dispersed within LL band depending upon alpha value. Encoded secret images are extracted and decoded to recover the original secret image. The experimental results demonstrate that the watermarks generated with the proposed algorithm are invisible and the quality of watermarked image and the recovered image are improved. The scheme is found robust to various image processing attacks such as JPEG compression, Gaussian noise, blurring, median filtering and rotation.

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Asma Ahmad, G.R.Sinha, Nikita Kashyap,"3-Level DWT Image Watermarking Against Frequency and Geometrical Attacks", IJCNIS, vol.6, no.12, pp.58-63, 2014. DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2014.12.07


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