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IJCNIS Vol.6, No.11, Oct. 2014

An Improved Trusted Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

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P. Raghu Vamsi, Krishna Kant

Index Terms

Trust;security;geographic routing;reputation;security attacks;wireless sensor networks


In this paper, an improvement over Trusted Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (T-GPSR) is presented. T-GPSR employs heuristic weight values to evaluate total trust value of neighboring nodes. However, heuristic assignment of weights provide flexibility but it is not suitable in presence of several security attacks such as Grey hole, selfish behavior, on-off attack etc., are launched in the network in different proportions. To overcome this limitation, an improvement is suggested with an emphasis on trust update, lightweight trust computation and storage to reduce communication and storage overhead. The simulation study indicates that the packet delivery ratio of the improved T-GPSR has improved by 10% over T-GPSR in the presence of 50% of malicious nodes in the network.

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P. Raghu Vamsi, Krishna Kant,"An Improved Trusted Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks", IJCNIS, vol.6, no.11, pp.13-19, 2014. DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2014.11.02


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