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IJCNIS Vol.5, No.1, Jan. 2013

An Efficient Novel Key Management Scheme for Enhancing User Authentication in A WSN

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Harjot Bawa,Parminder Singh,Rakesh Kumar

Index Terms

Wireless Sensor Networks, Key Management Schemes, Random Pre-Key distribution


The Wireless Sensor Networks are energy constrained and are normally low cost and low power devices. These nodes are deployed over a specific area for specific goals. Due to energy and memory constraints, secure communication among these sensors is challenging management issue. In order to ensure security, proper connectivity among nodes and resilience against node capture, we propose a scheme called as Random Pre-Key distribution scheme which takes advantage of the binomial key pattern while creating and distributing keys. The value of keys would develop the number of patterns, which is given by the binomial distribution, which would be helpful in maintaining a key pool which is all though random in nature and following a pattern leads to more probability of network connection links. This paper provides a secured communication in WSNs environment and pairing user authentication has been proposed. We employ the idea of dividing the sensor network field into scattered nodes. Inside the scenario, one of the sensor nodes is selected as a server sensor node which is responsible for delivering the key. The novelty of the proposed scenario lies behind the idea of incorporating the sensor nodes along with the proper user authentications. We calculate the throughput involving a periodic traffic and obtained results from the xgraph utility with the use of Network Simulator. The results of this key scheme are obtained and show that improvement in terms of connectivity.

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Harjot Bawa,Parminder Singh,Rakesh Kumar,"An Efficient Novel Key Management Scheme for Enhancing User Authentication in A WSN", IJCNIS, vol.5, no.1, pp.56-64,2013.DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2013.01.07


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