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IJCNIS Vol.14, No.3, Jun. 2022

Multimedia Traffic Transmission using MAODV and M-MAODV Routing Protocols over Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

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Lavanya. Poluboyina, Mallikarjuna Prasad. A, Sivakumar Reddy. V, S V Maruthi Rao

Index Terms

MANET;MAODV;Mobile ad-hoc network;Multimedia traffic;Network simulation


Many applications of mobile ad-hoc networks like conferencing, handling emergency situations, military operations require the multicast routing. Moreover, in such applications there is a demand for multimedia traffic such as audio/video calls or audio/video conferencing. For mobile ad-hoc environments, it is accepted that the on-demand reactive routing protocol AODV has become default. Moreover, to get the benefits of using a single protocol for both unicast and multicast routing, in this work, the multicast routing protocol MAODV (multicast extension of AODV) has been considered and its performance is observed for CBR, VoIP and video data traffics. Since to accommodate multimedia traffic, a routing protocol demands for stringent QoS requirements in terms of delay, jitter and packet losses; the performance of the protocol is measured in terms of QoS performance metrics such as average delay, average jitter and packet delivery ratio. Further, a modified version of MAODV (called M-MAODV) is taken and its performance is also evaluated for multimedia traffic. A fair comparison of MAODV and M-MAODV protocols is achieved through the use of same network conditions for the evaluation. From the results, the improved values of delay, jitter and packet delivery ratio have been observed for M-MAODV irrespective of node speeds and for all data traffic types. 

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Lavanya. Poluboyina, Mallikarjuna Prasad. A, Sivakumar Reddy. V, S V Maruthi Rao, "Multimedia Traffic Transmission using MAODV and M-MAODV Routing Protocols over Mobile Ad-hoc Networks", International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security(IJCNIS), Vol.14, No.3, pp.47-62, 2022. DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2022.03.04


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