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IJCNIS Vol.10, No.9, Sep. 2018

A Multi QoS Genetic-based Adaptive Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks with Pareto Solutions

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Ibraheem Kasim Ibraheem, Alyaa Abdul-Hussain Al-Hussainy

Index Terms

Quality-of-Service (QoS);wireless routing;end-to-end delay;network bandwidth;wireless mesh networks;number of hops


Wireless Mesh Networks(WMN) is an active research topic for wireless networks designers and researchers. Routing has been studied in the last two decades in the field of optimization due to various applications in WMN. In this paper, Adaptive Genetic Algorithm (AGA) for identifying the shortest path in WMN satisfying multi- QoS measure is introduced. The proposed algorithm is adaptive in the sense that it uses various selection methods during the reproduction process and the one with the best multi- QoS measure is adopted in that generation. The multi-objective QoS measure defined as the combination of the minimum number of hops, minimum delay, and maximum bandwidth. The multi-objective optimization has been formulated and solved using weighted sum approach with Pareto optimal solution techniques. The simulation experiments have been carried out in MATLAB environment with a wireless network modeled as weighted graph of fifty nodes and node coverage equals to 200 meter, and the outcomes demonstrated that the proposed AGA performs well and finds the shortest route of the WMN proficiently, rapidly, and adapts to the dynamic nature of the wireless network and satisfying all of the constraints and objective measures imposed on the networks.

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Ibraheem Kasim Ibraheem, Alyaa Abdul-Hussain Al-Hussainy,"A Multi QoS Genetic-based Adaptive Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks with Pareto Solutions", International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security(IJCNIS), Vol.10, No.9, pp.1-9, 2018.DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2018.09.01


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