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IJIEEB Vol.11, No.4, Jul. 2019

New Approach to Medical Diagnosis Using Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree Algorithm: Application to Dental Diseases

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Ayedh abdulaziz Mohsen, Muneer Alsurori, Buthiena Aldobai, Gamil Abdulaziz Mohsen

Index Terms

Decision Tree;Diseases;Application;Dental;Neural network;Symptoms; Diagnosis


In this article some modern techniques have been used to diagnose the oral and dental diseases. The symptoms and causes of such disease has been studied that may cases many other serious diseases .Many cases have been reviewed through patients' records, and investigation on such causes of oral and dental disease have been carried out to help design a system that helps diagnose oral and classify them, and that system was made according to the decision tree, (Id3 and J48) and artificial neural network techniques. Sample of oral and dental diseases were collected with their symptoms to become a data base so as to help construct a diagnostic system. The graphical interface were formed in C# to facilitate the use's diagnosis process where the patient chooses the symptoms through the interface which he suffered from ,and they are analyzed using the classification techniques and then re diagnosed  the disease for the user. 

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Ayedh abdulaziz Mohsen, Muneer Alsurori, Buthiena Aldobai, Gamil Abdulaziz Mohsen, " New Approach to Medical Diagnosis Using Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree Algorithm: Application to Dental Diseases", International Journal of Information Engineering and Electronic Business(IJIEEB), Vol.11, No.4, pp. 52-60, 2019. DOI: 10.5815/ijieeb.2019.04.06


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