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IJISA Vol.10, No.4, Apr. 2018

Decision Support System Performance-Based Evaluation of Village Government using AHP and TOPSIS Methods: Secang Sub-district of Magelang Regency as a Case Study

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Vickky Listyaningsih, Ema Utami

Index Terms

Decision support system;AHP;TOPSIS;performance evaluation;village governance


The increasing of village grants provider growth opportunities for villages every year. The Reliable performance of village governance is the main factor that determines the development of a village. In Secang, there are still many rural governance performances that are not optimal yet, therefore we need a system of performance evaluation of the village government. Decision support systems with a combination of AHP and TOPSIS models can be used to help evaluating  performance village Government. AHP method is used to perform the weighting of the criteria and TOPSIS methods to make a ranking system of the performance evaluation of village government. AHP was chosen because it has many advantages of computation weighting while TOPSIS was efficient and able to measure the relative performance in a simple mathematical form. One advantage of the system that was built is the dynamic nature of the assessment criteria used for the calculation process, with menus for assessment criteria period the user can add or reduce the assessment criteria in accordance with the requirements or regulations. Output of DSS Village Government Performance Evaluation is village government performance ratings that can be used as a consideration in determining rewards and assistance to the village from the sub-district. From the test results on ranking and prototype, 86.67% of users agree that the prototype can be implemented and used to evaluate the performance of village government in the Secang sub-district.

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Vickky Listyaningsih, Ema Utami, "Decision Support System Performance-Based Evaluation of Village Government using AHP and TOPSIS Methods: Secang Sub-district of Magelang Regency as a Case Study", International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications(IJISA), Vol.10, No.4, pp.18-28, 2018. DOI: 10.5815/ijisa.2018.04.03


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