Publication Charge

MECS has provided extraordinary publishing service for over 10 years, good reputation with high quality standard is the aim we always make efforts to achieve. To promote the quality of publication services, MECS will reduce the number of publishing volumes from 12 to 6 annually and will charge each author USD 100 as "symbolic fee" for each article since January 01, 2020. Publication charges are applied toward the journal's operational expenses, such as peer review management, production, and platform maintenance. If the article successfully passes the peer review process, the author will be prompted to pay the publication charges. For the authors who cannot afford the publication charges, MECS will require the author to fill out the waiver application form with referee information in author's department (Person in charge) to prove the financial situation of the author. 

Due to the increase in the number of submissions to ensure the efficient operation of publishing procedure, the APC of IJCNIS is adjusted to 200 USD from 2021.

The financial situations which can be considered as waiver conditions include:

1. The lack of technological project funding;

2. The lack of sponsoring by author's department (in a university or an institute).

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MECS Press has always been aimed to help all the scholars and decided to cancel the publishing fee for authors who are residents in India.

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